How our PNB Easy affiliate program works.


Write an article on your blog or share our products on your social channels.

The user enters our shop through your referral link

The user purchases one or more products in our shop.

The sale is registered by our affiliate system and linked to your profile.

You earn a 5% commission on the order placed by the user.

Earn commissions on all reported sales by simply referring customers to our site.


I tuoi dati personali verranno utilizzati per gestire l'accesso al tuo account e per altri scopi descritti nella nostra privacy policy.

Our PNB Easy affiliate program is aimed at all people who have a blog, a website or simply contacts on social networks or other platforms.

The PNB Easy affiliation allows you to monetize your business with the main advantage that you do not have to sell any product directly. All you have to do is promote a link related to the sale of a product.

The tools to sell are many, from text links, to images, to banners, you simply need to insert the classic link in an article, which you can then run on your site or even on your social networks.

You can use a wide range of advertising banners, of different sizes and shapes, ready for use.

The affiliate’s income depends on how many sales the company that offers the products on the market manages to conclude through him.

Generating links and viewing reports is very simple; through our platform you will find all the necessary tools.

Earnings for any purchase made after clicking on one of your links, to earn the user does not need to buy the product to which you have placed the affiliate link.

To find out if that person has purchased thanks to you, once registered in the PNB Easy affiliate program, you will need to generate personalized links; those links will contain your unique affiliate code, which allows Professionalnailsbeauty to identify you.

In your account you will be indicated a specific area within the PNB Easy Service, in this area personal information will be stored where it will be possible to monitor the affiliation activity, including information on sales and payment of Commissions.

Potential Affiliates will have to apply with a simple application to participate in the PNB Easy Affiliate Program.

PNB Easy Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions.

The PNB Easy Affiliate Program offers eligible affiliates the opportunity to earn commissions on qualifying sales, originating from links to the website. This Affiliate Policy explains the rights and responsibilities of the User in participating in the PNB Easy Affiliate Program.

By applying and participating in the PNB Easy Affiliate Program, the User agrees to be bound by the terms listed below.

Each affiliate has a unique ID associated with it which will be used to assign each generated sale to the publisher from which the click originated. All activities are visible in a simple and transparent way starting from the platform dashboard accessible from your account.

You will be able to see the result of your advertising campaigns at any time and have an updated report on the accrued amounts.

Prospective Affiliates must provide complete and accurate information about themselves, and maintain it (including payment and tax information) while participating in the Affiliate Program.

During the application process, prospective Affiliates may be asked to provide additional information regarding any of the criteria listed above.

Professionalnailsbeauty  reserves the right to confirm or verify the truthfulness and accuracy of the Affiliate’s registration and account information at any time.

 You will be responsible for all activity related to your account in the Affiliate Program, once approved, and you must promptly notify Professionalnailsbeauty  of any known or suspected unauthorized use of your account, or which constitutes a breach of its security.

Professionalnailsbeauty reserves the right to remove Affiliates from the Affiliate Program or to refuse service. Participation in the Affiliate Program may be limited to Affiliates located in certain countries, and is invalid where prohibited by law. Professionalnailsbeauty reserves the right to approve or reject any application to join the Affiliate Program.

Each sale must be generated initially from an advertising campaign created through the Affiliate Program where the channels in which you wish to place Affiliate Links will be specified. 

In publishing content, it is the Affiliate’s responsibility to follow and abide by the terms and conditions of each Social Media platform, including any affiliate link regulations. Affiliates can share Affiliate Links with users registered on their mailing lists.

The sales generated are exclusively made on by users who have arrived on the Site by clicking on an approved link.

Affiliate Links, including URLs, banners or other creative resources can be found on the Affiliate Program platform. To receive a commission, the Affiliate must only use the Creative Resources and Affiliate Links provided by the PNB Easy Affiliate Program.

The commissions will be calculated using the tables and conditions reported within the platform relating to your account previously agreed.

The determination of the percentage of the commission will be calculated on the basis of the percentage established net of the final amount of the sale, calculated net of any discounts, promotional coupons, taxes and shipping costs.

Commission payments will be made upon reaching the agreed minimum threshold equal to 100 CHF . In order to receive the payment, the Affiliate must keep his promotions active with his advertising campaigns to ensure the minimum of the accrued monthly threshold.

Commission payments will be made by bank transfer or to the current account indicated by the Affiliate in the Affiliate Area of PNB Easy.

The Commission will not be recognized if the End User cancels, fails to pay or requests a refund.


Prohibition to use:

  • Our official logos on business cards.
  • The official logo of Professionalnailsbeauty without our permission.
  • Our brands for username in social media or profile photo.
  • Highly successful sales events with prior authorization.
  • Sites with content relating to sexual, religious, political or other sensitive issues.
  • Sites promoting trademarked items that we have not given consent to.
  • Sites , forums or references to direct competitor companies and indirect.
  • The PNB Easy affiliate program for any illegal and unauthorized purpose.
  • Brands, banners, change the content or images provided by us without our prior consent.
  • Links generated by the Pnb Easy program by transferring them to third parties without generating a specific campaign. 
  • The PNB Easy affiliate program to buy your products.

Affiliates who breach the following program restrictions may be suspended or removed from the Affiliate Program and may not receive commissions, solely at the discretion of Professionalnailsbeauty.

For any doubts or clarifications do not hesitate to contact us by writing to: