Laminating and permanent dyeing kit 140pcs-12001

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3-in-1 set: eyelash/eyebrowalifting + eyelash/eyebrow tinting + keratin eyelash/eyebrow lamination.
Our set is the newest and most complete on the market, including shampoo set , facelift set, brown color dye set and permingsolution, styling, shampoo , soap and accessories, 140 pieces in total.
HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: The professional set is composed of first-rate products : keratin, color + perming solution.
Natural ingredients nourish eyelashes and eyebrows.
An innovative way to shape, color and contour eyelashes and eyebrows for a minimum of 6-8 weeks.
This lash shape set is suitable for all lash lengths and shapes. 5 different sizes of pads provided, offer 5 different lash shapes.
Save time and money: the all-in-one set contains enough products and tools, 140 pieces in total, for 20-30 applications.

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Step by step
1: Use cleansing lotion to clean the eyebrows
2: Apply a thin style of adherent layer to eyebrows
3: Brush the eyebrows into shape and as needed reapply the adherent
4: Apply the permanent lotion, gently go over the Eyebrow Brush (be careful not to remove the lotion), or put the eyebrows with the stick in the shape and cover with clingfilm for about 10 minutes
5: Gently remove the residue of the Product with a stick, (do not use Cleaner)
6: Apply the fixing lotion, put the eyebrows back into shape and wait 10 minutes
7: Clean all residues with detergent.
8: Apply keratin for eyebrow amination, shape the eyebrows and cover with clingfilm for 15-20minutes
9: Blot keratin residue with a dry tissue.
10: For those who want to do eyebrow color, it would be better if it is done a little later or a day later, but if the client does not have availability to come back, it can also be done right away.
Eyebrow color :
1. Clean with detergent
2. Apply around the eyebrows a cream or a thin layer of Vaseline(do not touch the eyebrows)
3: Mix the desired color with the activator and gently apply it to the eyebrows
4: Wait from 10-20 minutes,
Carefully check the coloring occasionally with the stick.
5: Remove the color with detergent.
Note: If the client during the permanently or eyebrow tinting feels burning, we will notice the setting time or in extreme case remove the product.
To achieve a darker or lighter effect, the following colors are available separately: blue-black, light brown, dark brown, graphite, black,
CHF 15.00 per color