Green Glitter Acrylic Colored Powder 5 gr. – 6200AP

20.00 CHF

Acrylic colored powder produced according to the latest findings of research on micro-acrylic; thanks to the anti-yellowing agents it is very resistant and shiny.

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Make nail art without a device
catalyst: beautify your natural or artificial nails without
the use of technical equipment, without power supply.


Step 1: Pour the acrylic liquid into a glass vessel

Step 2: Take an acrylic brush and dip it into the acrylic liquid.

Step 3: Dip the brush into the acrylic liquid, then pass the brush
in the desired acrylic color powder.

Step 4: Place the ball on the tip of the nail and shape the French tip.

Step 5: When the French tip is dry, you can continue with the reconstruction
of the nail.