Nail Foil Red Effet – 7324NF

1.20 CHF

Nail Foils can be used indifferently on all types of nails. Nail Foil in roll for application to natural or reconstructed nails.

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Nail Foil for a mirrored, holographic, animal, chrome, satin, metallic effect.

  • Apply Foilgel to the nail and cure for 30sec in UV Led .
  • Cut out some of the Foil and apply it to the nail in the area where you passed the Gel Foil and spread it out well with the help of a cuticle pusher.
  • Lift it gently after a few minutes and you will see that, almost like a tear, the effect of the Foil design will transfer to your nails.
  • Foil should be protected with Flex gel and cured for 60sec in UV Led
  • Apply Supergloss No Wipe and cure for 60sec in UV Led