Spider Gel White – 5900SP

8.80 CHF

Spider web effect gel. Ideal for creating geometric textures, zigzag effects and straight lines. Flexible and dense gel. Content: 5ml.

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Spider gel is a high density modeling color gel. Its elasticity will allow you to create precise lines and geometric nail art with extreme ease. Its main feature is precisely that of creating an “elastic thread” to be modeled. Spider Gel releases dispersion, so you will have to seal the decoration after applying it.

How to use:

Technique A: create an elastic thread

  • With a fine-tipped brush or a dootin tool, pick up a small amount of product
  • Place it on the nail forming a dot
  • Move the tip of the brush / dootin tool to another point on the nail (it will create an elastic thread)

Technique B: nest effect

  • Take the gel from the jar creating an “elastic thread”
  • At the same time, let it go around the nail randomly or following a pattern.

Recommended curing times:

  • 120 second UV lamp
  • LED lamp 60 seconds (for black 90 seconds)
  • DIODE lamp 60 seconds (for black 90 seconds)