Argan oil 13007 fat-soluble depilatory wax

10.50 CHF

Argan oil fat-soluble depilatory wax 400ml.

Free of PVC plasticizers, petrolatum, allergens and heavy metals.

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Fat-soluble wax is a product with emollient and moisturizing properties with a natural composition rich in high-quality active ingredients. Designed to eliminate unwanted hair, it acts in depth while respecting the delicate hydrolipic balance of the skin. Ultra-soft and elastic tear wax, even more gentle.

Liposoluble Depilatory Wax, formulated without rosin, a known irritant agent found in depilatory waxes.

Rich in Argan oil to eliminate unwanted hair from face, bikini, armpit and body even on sensitive and delicate skin

Ideal for sensitive epidermis that needs a soft and gentle intervention

  • Can be used on any part of the body, even the most delicate intimate parts
  • Format: 400 ml
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Does not ruin the tan

Mode of use

Apply a strip of TNT (nonwoven fabric) to the wax layer by adhering it with light pressure while helping with the palm of your hand,then lift one end and perform tearing in the opposite direction of the hair growth.